The Buyer’s “Decision Making Process” and Becoming the “Solution Provider!”

When you go shopping, do you buy the first thing you see?

Well, most people don’t.  I’m sure you always take your time to decide what to buy, whether it’s tomatoes at the grocery store, or if you are buying a new or used car.  It’s called the “Decision Making Process.”

Watch the videos below to learn about the Decision Making Process and how you can influence people by becoming the “Solution Provider.”

Not everyone is going to join your business! The average person has to look at your business 5 to 7 times before the even deciding whether they want to do business with you or not.  

The truth is that you can’t make people do anything they don’t want to do!

But, what you can do is influence them to join your business by giving them with VALUE.

So, how do you do that?

You MUST become the “Solution Provider” by giving people solutions to their problems! If a person is on your mailing list, you better believe that they are on someone else’s mailing list too. Becoming the “solution provider” means that you are going to have to do things to separate you from other marketers.  You have to stand out from the rest of the competition.

So, to help you become the solution provider below I have listed a few questions that you should ask yourself each day before you create your content, write your blog post, or create your video. 

  • What solution am I going to provide today?” 
  • “Why should people join me?
  • “What can I do today to stand out from other marketers?
  • “Is the information that I am providing worth a damn?”
  • “Why is this information, service, product valuable?”
  • “How does this info help others improve their situation?”
  • “Why would I read this or buy this service or product myself?”
  • “How am I going to become the Solution Provider today?”

If what you have to offer solves their problem and they resonate with you, then more than likely they will buy your product or service.

But, remember that it takes time and that not everyone will join today. Some might join next week, next month or maybe even next year. Be patient! Those who can identify and relate with you will find you, as long as you are providing value on a daily basis.

Be patient, the world is huge and there is abundance to everyone!

Thank you for watching this videos about the Decision Making Process.  If you got value from it, then leave a comment below and feel free to share it with your friends on Facebook. 

 Talk soon!

Carlos Fletes Jr.

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