How to Make a 1-Minute Marketing Video that GETS You Leads!

So you want to make a Youtube marketing video that gets you leads but you don’t know where to start?

No problemo!

One of the best ways to do that is to create a Direct Response Marketing Video.

Learn how it’s done in the video below!

Outline that for Your Direct Response Marketing Video

1. Introduce Yourself Briefly
2. Tell the viewer that you know why they are there.
3. Tell the viewer that you know why they are watching your video.
4. Say that you have the solution they are looking for.
5. Call to Action – Example, “Click the Link Below this Video”

Direct Response Marketing Video “Important Points”

1. Create Mystery & Curiosity – Don’t tell them the name of your program or product.

2. You are just sharing information, and you are NOT selling anything.

3. Tell them the benefits and then give a compelling offer.

4. Use “You” and “Your.” Remember, it’s about them!

How to do “Keywords Research” and Optimize Your Video

In the following video I will show you how to optimize your direct response marketing video. First I will show you a simple and effective way to do your keywords research, and then how to set up the description of your videos, your search terms and tags.

One last thing the I forgot to mention in the video…

Sometimes “the worse videos convert the best!” And the reason is because they show that you are real, the human element.  So, be confident!

The days of putting on a coat and tie are gone. People want to do business with REAL people, they want to see the person, the real flesh and blood on the other side of the video. So, get it done, and then do another one, and then one more!

Please feel free to share this blog post and let me know in the comments below if this helps!

Carlos Fletes Jr.


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