What Exactly Are Backlinks and Why Are They Important?

So, what exactly are Backlinks? 

Well, if you’re on the internet, then more than likely you’ve already come thousands of backlinks (I mean unless you just found out about the internet yesterday). They are usually underlined hyperlinks in electric blue and stand out from the rest in the page that you are navigating on.

There are two separate types of backlinks, internal and external. 


What are Internal Backlinks?

Internal backlinks are created to make navigating easier for you when you visit a site or a blog. If the article is about a topic that was previously written, then an internal backlink may be created if you wish to learn more. You can basically click on the link and be taken through where you can read more about a related topic. So, internal backlinks will keep you within the same site. 

Internal backlinks should be used with intelligence. In a 500-word article you should use no more than two or three internal backlinks, simply because if you also use external backlinks, and they appear identical, then the page becomes unattractive to readers. 

Google search engines also look for internal backlinks. They are a useful method to allow spiders to navigate about and index your entire internet site. So, be sure your internal hyper-links are operating appropriately. 


What Are External Backlinks?

External backlinks will take you away from one website to a different one. These might be set up to open inside a new window, leaving the originating web site open. Alternatively, you can also decide to close the original website and take the visitor totally away to a different site. However, the former is preferable if you want your visitor to return to the original site. 

Click Here to See An Example of An External Backlink! Do you see how this link opens up in a different window and takes you to a website that is not linked within my blog?

External backlinks are incredibly important. The quantity of your external backlinks, along good quality are measured in Google’s ranking algorithms. When used correctly, your site will rank high!


Why External Backlinks Can Result in High Page Rank?

Have you ever heard the expression, “All roads lead to Rome?” Well, that is, more or less, what happens with the use of backlinks. If you have a great amount of external backlinks from other websites linking you your own website, then it’s like having a bunch of roads leading back your city, and Google and other major search engines will figure that you MUST be of some importance!  

Building backlinks can be tedious work, but it’s an extremely important thing that must be carried out every single day, especially, with a newly established internet site or blog. 

Now, most people don’t know this, but it is crucial – Google wants your pages and backlinks to be linked to other pages and websites that are relevant to your personal site!  It does not do you or your business any good to get backlinks from websites that are selling fish food if you are in the auto insurance market? 


Is Pagerank is Important?

There is a term that you generally see being used online, which is “PR.”

That’s short for Pagerank!  

Pagerank is Google’s personal “link currency” so to speak. They will assign it to your pages or your website depending on how important Google’s algorithm identifies them to become.  A single backlink from a PR5 is worth hundreds compared from a PR0 site. You understand?

So, you want to concentrate on having external backlinks linking to your site from sites that have a high PR ranking, which will make your efforts well worth it. If you can get a backlink from a PR9 site, do it! 


4 Ways to Create Backlinks to Your Website

The simplest strategy to get backlinks is to have someone else create them for you with automated software applications that have been created for that purpose.  You can outsource this service on Fiverr.Com., just a search for “SeNuke Backlinks.” You’ll find people there who specialize in obtaining a sizable number of good quality hyper-links. But, even so, you can also do it yourself by participating in forums and creating a signature that links back to your website. This is also a good way to create links and get targeted traffic back to your capture pages.

For example, a forum signature can say something like this, New Video! “Reveals a ‘Simple Way’ to Make $350.00 Daily or More, on Complete Auto-Pilot, with a System that is 100% Free…”   

You can also create external backlinks by doing something called “blog commenting.” Basically, it’s reading somebody’s blog post and then posting a valuable comment on the topic your read. When commenting on a blog post, you will generally find a space where you can add your website URL before posting your comment.

Now, an additional bonus, if you post valuable comments often on relevant websites, is that you may be asked to be a “Guest Contributor.” This would be an amazing opportunity for you and a WIN-WIN situation for both you and also the owner of the blog. You get the opportunity to attract visitors from the owner’s website to your web site, and the owner gets free and valuable content for his followers from you.  

Now, a third method for creating backlinks is called pinging. Pinging is FREE! You should be pinging all your Youtube videos as well as your blog posts. My favorite pinging site is MassPinger.Com. Almost all the pinging sites out there on the internet only allow you to ping about three sites at one time. But, what I like about MassPinger.Com is that you can ping your content as many times as you want.

However, the best type of external backlinks are the kind that you create by posting  great content on your blog or site.  Posting great content improves your “click-through” rate, because those who enjoy your content will also share it. When your site gets shared and people start landing on your page, it tells Google that your site is appealing.  The higher your click-through rate the more appealing your content will be compared to your competition. And Google will move you up in the search engine rankings. Google doesn’t just look at backlinks, it looks at relevancy and authority as well. So if you have higher quality content than all of your competitors, you are much more likely to outrank them in the long run.


Create Backlinks Every Day!

The essential thing when it comes to building powerful backlinks to your site, for ranking purposes, is to always keep creating them, every day! Strive to acquire 20 to 30 very good high quality backlinks per day, consistently, for an extended period of time.

So, what exactly are backlinks?

Go back and read this article again! (Just kidding!)

Backlinks are basically hyperlinks (and they can also be banners) that will help your Pagerank (PR) with Google and other search engines. The higher the PR site that is linked to your website, the more visitors you will get!

If you got value from this blog post, then please leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

Make it a great day, and remember to at least ping your sites!

Yours truly,

Carlos Fletes Jr.


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