How To Effectively Increase Your Youtube Video Ranking!

How To Effectively Increase Your Video Ranking On Youtube!

So what can you do to effectively increase the ranking of your videos on Youtube? 

Well, the majority of the success of your video ranking depends on how effectively you’ve optimized your videos. You can’t ignore optimizing your videos for your targeted keywords because if YouTube doesn’t know what keywords to rank you for, you won’t get ranked. Optimizing your videos is also important for getting the right kind of viewers to your videos. The right level of optimization will help you get the most out of your videos. Taking this one step will boost your chances of getting ranked, not only on YouTube, but also on Google. 

Here are a few ideas on how to optimize your videos… 

When you submit your videos to YouTube, it’s very important that you pay close attention to every detail, because your ranking depends on many different factors. The thumbnail you create for your video, for example, is one of the most important factors that determines how many potential viewers will take the time to watch your video. Here’s why — when your videos are being ranked on YouTube, the site gives extra emphasis to how much they have been actually viewed. To receive views on YouTube, of course, your video has to be actually played by users. Therefore, if you want people to view your videos, then be sure to use a thumbnail that is interesting and eye-catching enough to capture the interest of potential viewers. (However, don’t give people the wrong impression about your video just to get them to watch, because this can backfire and cause them to click on the dislike button, leave negative comments, or flag your video.)

Now, the title of your video and the description that goes under your video are very important as ranking criteria. Both should contain the keyword or keyword phrase that you want to rank for. In the description, your words should be clear and concise. Describe your video with an interesting description and not just one that doesn’t fit the topic of your video. This will increase your overall click through that you get on your videos. 

Tagging is really important on Youtube and it helps the users find videos more easily. Your tags have to be populated with your keywords, and not just used for the sake of using them. For example, if your video is about “dog training”, you should try to use all the related keywords to this term in your tags, so that your video gets ranked and viewed by the right people.

Next, to get a wider audience for your videos, encourage people to leave their comments. When viewers see lots of comments, they want to see the video for themselves, and more views leads to better rankings. Also, your viewers are more than likely to take action when you actually “ask them to take action” at the end of your video. Tell them that you’re looking for feedback, that you value their opinion and to leave a comment below. When you do this it really will result in more comments and a higher number of views. 

Becoming a strong part of the YouTube community is a good idea too, which means you need to be active. To do this, answer any questions posted by your viewers, reply to their comments to generate a healthy discussion. When you connect with your viewers, they are more likely to tell others about you. Since there are so many easy ways to share and spread videos these days, you can expect people to use simple “word of mouth” to let others know, and ultimately, get your videos popular – the key to getting ranked on YouTube. 

Now, if you really want to get Youtube videos ranking high and dominating the search engines, you have to promote your video the same as you would any other internet page or blog post – you must syndicate to a large number of other internet sites, post them in directories and social media websites to link back to your video’s URL…


The more backlinks you have pointing to your video’s page, the better your Youtube video ranking on the search engines and your views will improve drastically.  

Although There’s no magic spell that will instantly give you success with your YouTube videos, if you start taking action on what you’ve learned here, you’ll see your videos slowly but steadily climbing up the search results.  You will have to work hard to build your reputation, and grow your ranking over time. Things don’t happen overnight! But, if you take regular actions, you will get consistent results. Focus on all the available methods to get your video out to your target audience. You have the opportunity to get lots of valuable traffic from YouTube, so do everything you can to attract it. 

In closing, remember that the success of your video ranking depends on how effectively you’ve optimized your videos. The right level of optimization will help you get the most out of your videos and will boost your chances of getting ranked on Youtube and on Google. 

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