Work Your Ass Off!

“Great achievement is usually the result of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”  Napoleon Hill

Why do certain individuals think that success should be easy, and that successful people don’t understand what it’s like to struggle? 

Life does not work that way…

You have to go through many trials and tribulations, you have to struggle for quite some time, before you reach the top of the mountain!  

Success is not for the weak of mind, and only those who endure, will be able to conquer the mountain…


That’s how life intended it to be – without struggle, there is no success!

And, you have to be willing to do what others will not…


There is no way around it…

All the great men and women, that have existed throughout the ages, have gone, or had to go through hardship and struggles.

For some reason, there seems to be a trend now-a-days, where certain people feel that they are entitled to certain things, without having to earn them.

It is a “Give it to me because I deserve it!” attitude.


The second you start thinking that you are entitled to something, that’s exactly what is going to keep you from earning it!


It is the intangible qualities of human beings that make people great!

The real secrets to success are all those qualities that can only be measured through effort, such as desire, dedication, discipline, and determination.

Plus, you have to WORK YOUR ASS in a smart way!

(By the way, that’s called the 4D + A Formula.)

Successful people, regardless of whatever they are pursuing, take responsibility for their own success, and have a “No Excuses!” attitude.

Their purpose in life is the reason why success is a must, and the more they fail, the more and more they want to succeed!

Listen to me…


Where you are or aren’t, and what you have or don’t have, in a year from now, will depend 100% on YOUR OWN EFFORTS!

How bad do you want it?

How hungry are you?

Make a decision, and either decide to DO IT NOW or decide not to do it and move on.

…but, make a decision!

The choice is yours!

 Make it a GREAT day!

Carlos Fletes Jr.


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